Soft Tissue and Joint Injections in Sycamore, IL

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Soft Tissue Injections and Joint Injections are Two of the Most Effective Treatment Modalities Provided to Patients at Our Sycamore Center

Soft Tissue and Joint Injections in Sycamore, IL: The team of medical professionals at Sycamore Integrated Health provides soft tissue and joint injections to patients in order to relieve relieves symptoms associated with inflammation and degenerative processes due to acute trauma and other repetitive or overuse injuries.

Soft Tissue (or Trigger Point Therapy) Injections at Our Sycamore Multi-Disciplinary Facility

Muscles that are damaged or overworked can become so stressed that they actually lose the ability to relax. This continuous tightening and constant spasm of the muscle bands can form painful knots, also known as Trigger Points. Trigger Points feel like a knot, bulge or lump under the skin. These trigger points result in pain in the immediate area, pain in surrounding areas, muscle weakness, and limited mobility. Trigger Points develop most often in the neck, shoulder, and upper and lower back areas. At Sycamore Integrated Health, we combine an injection of lidocaine into the trigger point with manual therapy of the area for best results.

Joint Injections in Sycamore, IL

Joint injections of lidocaine can be a very effective treatment for many different conditions including arthritis, tendonitis, bursitis, and more. Joint injections are intended to help alleviate inflammation and provide some pain relief. At Sycamore Integrated Health, we combine joint injections with physical therapy and rehab to provide extended results.

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Sycamore Integrated Health is proud to be the one and only multi-disciplinary healthcare facility in Dekalb County. Our unique clinic offers a comprehensive approach to healthcare by co-managing patients between a team of Chiropractors and a Medical Doctor for the best possible treatment.

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