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Post Natal & Pediatric Care in Sycamore, IL

Sycamore Integrated Health • Insurance Accepted

Our Multi-Disciplinary Facility Provides Care During All Stages of Life

Pre Natal & Pediatric Care in Sycamore, IL: At Sycamore Integrated Health, your entire family can be seen by our team of doctors who are specially trained to treat people of all age groups. We have doctors specializing in a wide variety of health services including pre natal care for baby immediately after birth, pre natal care for optimal fertility benefits to the mother for future pregnancies and pediatric care for infants, children and teens.

Our Sycamore chiropractors and medical staff take a whole person approach to their patients by managing not only the symptoms but by addressing the underlying causes to their injuries, disease or infertility.

Pediatric Care for Infants

No matter your age, your body is subjected to a wide variety of stress. For infants, they are susceptible to this stress while in utero as well as during birth. This is why it is important for your baby to be checked at Sycamore Integrated Health as soon as possible—even as early as a couple days old! In addition to checking for spinal misalignment, these check-ups early on in life are important for a healthy nervous system as well.

Benefits of Receiving Post Natal Care as an Infant

Receiving post natal care throughout a child’s early development has a large number of benefits.


An example of some major benefits include:

  • Helps with infantile colic

  • Aids scoliosis detection and treatment

  • Reduces chronic ear infections

  • Improves ADD/ADHD

  • Helps with a baby’s feeding as well as their sleeping habits

  • Assists with asthma, allergies and other sinus issues

  • Improves digestion issues, constipation and bed wetting

Pediatric Care for Children and Teens

As infants grow into toddlers and young children, their spines undergo many different forms of stress and trauma. This is strongly the case as they learn to walk, crawl, play, become independent and involve themselves in sports. A number of these may result in subluxations that our doctors can easily detect and resolve at our Sycamore multi-disciplinary clinic.

Why Pediatric Care Check-Ups are Important

Kids and teens should regularly receive check-ups as healthy immune systems and properly aligned spines are important for overall health. Just like with infants, pediatric care helps children with digestion issues, bed wetting, sleeping habits, ear infections, asthma, allergies and ADD/ADHD too. Other conditions pediatric care can help with as children continue to grow are:

  • Poor posture resulting from hours in front of a TV/computer screen or carrying heavy backpacks

  • Poor concentration or poor coordination

  • Joint pain or pain in the back, limbs, hips, feet or shoulders

  • Irritability and nervousness

  • Weakness or fatigue

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Sycamore Integrated Health is proud to be the one and only multi-disciplinary healthcare facility in Dekalb County. Our unique clinic offers a comprehensive approach to healthcare by co-managing patients between a team of Chiropractors and a Medical Doctor for the best possible treatment.

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920 W. Prairie Drive, Suite J

Sycamore, IL 60178

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