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Sports Performance and Injury Prevention at Our Integrated Medical Practice in Sycamore

Sports Performance & Injury Prevention in Sycamore, IL: Sycamore Integrated Health is committed to improving the athletic performance and reducing the rate of injury in local student athletes.

Sycamore Integrated Health’s Sports Performance and Injury Prevention Program

The Sports Performance and Injury Prevention Program was developed by our team of doctors, personal trainers and athletic trainers to improve strength, stability, speed, and agility of student athletes, all while minimizing the occurrence of injury.

This program is fully customized to each athlete’s needs and tailored to their individual sports. Our process begins with a thorough assessment of the athlete’s abilities, a discussion of goals, and a full functional evaluation. A completely personalized, one-on-one plan is developed to address any shortfalls and improve body mechanics. These plans include functional training which is specifically aimed at preventing injury and reducing the risk of being sidelined during the season.

Programs Include:

  • Pre and Post Assessments
  • One-On-One Functional Performance Sessions
  • In-Session and Off-Session Nutritional Supplementation Recommendations

The Sports Performance and Injury Prevention Program at Sycamore Integrated Health is aimed at improving athletic performance, decreasing risk of injury, and exposing the local youth to a healthier overall lifestyle.

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Sycamore Integrated Health is proud to be the one and only multi-disciplinary healthcare facility in Dekalb County. Our unique clinic offers a comprehensive approach to healthcare by co-managing patients between a team of Chiropractors and a Medical Doctor for the best possible treatment.

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