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Absolutely wonderful atmosphere and care in the process. The facility is great with their multi channel approach to not old fix the areas needing addressed but also works to maintain those new changes so that changes that are being worked toward are kept strong in the future. The staff and doctors are very knowledgeable and put extreme dedication and care into each patient. Patients and staff all feel like family!

Amanda T. | Facebook Review

This is the second chiropractic office I’ve been to (because the first was horrid) and will be the only one I go to until I move away! Amazing staff; they all work together to make sure you are getting the care you need. They take the time to explain to you what they’re doing and why, something a lot of doctors lack. They also take X-rays and do tests so they actually know the underlying cause of your symptoms and can treat the problem–sadly not all chiros do this so that is huge in my book. I’ve been adjusted by Dr. Zac once but mostly Dr. Jim–both very skilled at what they do I look forward to my appointments  Highly, highly recommend!!!

Zoe Z. | Facebook Review

I love this place! I’m a personal trainer and highly recommend it to every client that complains of any type of pain! Everyone is super friendly and helpful, they make it a pleasure to come in. Jim does an awesome job with my adjustments and Alicia is amazing at massages!

Zoe Z. | Google Review

Before I came to Integrated Health Care I was in so much pain from my neck down to my lower back that I wasn’t sleeping more than a couple of hours at a time. After being treated for a few weeks, my pain reduced and continued to reduce and now I can sleep a full night and enjoy being active again. Thank you to all three Chiropractors for helping me on this journey. I love that they helped me get better without drugs or surgery and I learned more about how my body works and how to better take care of it!

Jill M. | Google Review

I have been so happy at Sycamore Integrated Health! They have very kind and knowledgeable staff. They are willing to go above and beyond to get their patients the help that they need. I would recommend Sycamore Integrated Health to anyone looking for high quality chiropractic care.

Kristi B. | Google Review

Sycamore Integrated Health is fantastic! I’ve had back issues on and off for many, many years. Each chiro I went to corrected the problem in a few adjustments and then told me to come back when I started getting headaches again. SIH takes an entirely different approach by correcting the immediate problem and then working on correcting the real issues that are causing these recurring problems. I’m happy to report few headaches since starting 5 months ago!

The staff is also great! They are all very friendly and seem to really enjoy helping others.

Ann M. | Google Review

I think Sycamore Integrated is a one stop shop! They can take care of multiple problems all under one roof. And as important, everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. Looking forward to positive results! Thanks!

Marlene D. | Google Review

I honestly would have done a review for this place before, but I didn’t realize you are on Facebook. I don’t even know where to begin. This place is just amazing! Tom and I have went to Chiropractors off and on for many years. We have never been to an establishment quite like this one before. The staff, and Drs. are wonderful. I have a tendency to be really uncomfortable when I am going or experiencing someplace new, but not here. From day one I have felt like I have known them all for a very long time. Tom and I have been going for the most part, 3 x a week since the beginning of Feb. and it’s incredible how much better we are feeling. Keep up the good work guys!

Jane H. | Facebook Review

Groupon, I love you. Thank you for setting me up with Sycamore Integrated Health. It’s a bit early to say, but I do believe this relationship will last.

I can’t believe I’ve never heard or been into this place. I drive by it EVERY SINGLE DAY. But alas we’ve found each other.

Granted, I’ve been here only once for a massage that I purchased on Groupon. But my whole experience was a big thumbs up!

I was greeted by the receptionist who then gave me a clipboard with a health history questionnaire. It impressed me that the form was on a lamented sheet and I was given a dry erase marker to fill it out. Very green, very green. I had arrived early to my massage with Maddie and after filling out my form was delighted that she was able to take me early.

The massage room was super cozy. Both rooms are nestled into a corner of their office so it feels like you’re secluded from the rest of what’s happening on their treatment floor.

Maddie gave a fantastic massage. I would definitely be willing to pay the full price.

The only drawbacks to this place are occasionally it can get noisy from what is going on out on the treatment floor. But I was too relaxed for it to really bother me too much. And I noticed that the lights in the treatment room would get dimmer and then get brighter at consistent intervals. Which was a little distracting.

But overall a match made in heaven.

Leah O. | Yelp Review

Since going to see the team, my husband,my kids, and myself have greatly improved our health all the way around. Our biggest success thus far is our 9 month old.

He was falling behind in his developmental goals and we were concerned about the skull shape. I didn’t want to put a helmet on him. I didn’t believe he was bad enough for it. After his 2nd double ear infection in 2 months, Dr. Morgan let me know that she specializes in pediatric chiropractics. I was going to try anything to help relieve his pain. Little did I know the HUGE impact her adjustments would have on his overall health. He’s using his left arm normally, he’s sitting up on his own, he’s trying to crawl, his bowel movements are regular, his skull is the shape it’s supposed to be!, and best of all, he’s sleeping through the nights!

No words can express the love I have for this group. They really do treat you like family and try to reach the best health possible. The whole team believes completely in what they are doing. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Dr. Morgan, Dr. Zac, Dr. Jim and their team!

Sara L. | Google Review

We started going to Sycamore Integrated Health about 3 years ago. Our son, who was 6 at the time, suffered from migraines (2-3 a month). We had an MRI done and other tests the doctors could not find anything. I had experience with chiropractic care and the light what the heck let’s try it. On the first visit they took x-rays and found that his neck was beginning to lose its curve. Since our son was young we went over our options and decided to take an aggressive approach to correct his spine. I am happy to report that X-rays show his spine has corrected and his migraines have subsided for the most part. He occasionally will get a migraine, when they happen I can tie it back to something happening or that we just need to have a visit to Dr. Jim.

The staff here is also awesome to work with. I cannot say enough about the service and the staff at Sycamore Integrated Health.

Colleen S. | Yelp Review

Such a kind and wonderful staff! I’ve had spinal issues since high school, and have never been actually treated to fix them, only adjustments. Since starting my care here, I’ve noticed actual improvement! I sleep better, I move better, and feel better overall!

Mandy P. | Google Review

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: I walked into Sycamore Integrated Health with a number of problems. One of them was that my hands would fall asleep and it was getting worse. They were asleep when I woke up. They would fall asleep while I was trying to write or use silverware. It had been going on for years but it was getting much worse. I was afraid one day I would drop something important to me. Part of it was in my wrists but part of it started in the neck and shoulders.

It ended up that I had carpal tunnel syndrome and it was just getting worse.
The doctors and staff at Integrated Health did ultrasound and a nerve rebuilding treatment as well as showed me what I could do to stretch that out on my own. They even have dietary supplements that help rebuild.

I can safely say I have very little if any problem with my hands falling asleep. I continue to stretch that out on my own and I cannot even remember when the last time was that I woke up with my hands asleep.

I highly recommend this place!

Julie O. | Facebook Review

I can’t say enough nice things about this place. All the staff is very professional and their service is definitely high quality. From checking/adjusting your spine to a massage service, they care much about your health and offer great advice!

Li-Hsuan H. | Yelp Review

5/5 for Sycamore Integrated Health. Staff is very friendly and helpful, they remember your name every time you walk in and always make you feel welcome. Doctors are awesome and there is a very complete and thorough plan of care that is designed based on each patients needs. I have seen a great improvement in not only the pain in my back and neck, but also in my flexibility and overall health. They also offer many services in addition to chiropractic that I would highly recommend people take advantage of. I made use of their 1 month nutritional/body restart plan and was very impressed. Overall very pleased with the level of care I receive here.

Ryan F. | Google Review
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