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Why Do Your Joints Hurt More in Cold Weather?

Body aches and general stiffness tend to come about as the temperature drops, especially as we get older.

When our bodies are stretched and warmed up, it feels like we move better and are less stiff. Cold weather tends to make us feel more constricted and achier. That discomfort can extend to, or center around your joints as well, causing different levels of pain, which seem to be exaggerated when it’s cold out. This is because our bodies work harder to stay warm, which places a bit more strain on our muscles, tendons, and joints as they try to loosen up.

A lot of times cold weather makes us more apt to just curl up on the couch with a blanket and relax, but lying still can actually cause more discomfort for you in the long run! Inactivity is actually harder on your joints than most recreational activities. Knees for instance, rely on movement to maintain healthy joint fluid. Inactivity deconditions the body’s muscles and may decrease bone density over time.

Exercise and physical activity are one of the best ways to combat joint pain and stiffness, which is especially important as the weather turns colder. By staying active, you are keeping both your body and mind healthy.

An increase in joint-healthy activities allows for increased muscle strength and control, it also gives you better weight control and energy, all of which play an important role in how well you are feeling.

Moving and exercising at the proper pace is also important, so as not to overdo it. But any activity has key benefits for lessening and eliminating joint pain, including some that are particularly easy on your joints like cycling, swimming, and low-impact cardio exercises.

Most activities are joint-healthy, after all we are meant to move! Make an easy transition for yourself by starting out slow and in controlled environments. If you notice a flair up in pain or discomfort, slow down until the pain subsides.

If you would like to learn more, or visit us for a consultation about pain in your joints, give us a call at (815) 895-3354 to set up a consultation!

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