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How Chiropractic Care can help Athletes

Updated: May 21

In sports, especially in professional sports, we are often talking about fractions of inches and seconds. Any chance to get a step ahead of the competition is taken. Would you believe me if I said every NFL team and MLB team has a chiropractor on staff?

What can Chiropractic care do for the athlete? The American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians list several advantages such as faster recovery from injury and training, access to a wider range of treatment tools, expertise in preventative strategies, guidance on training and nutrition, and the ability to integrate treatment with training. For those athletes more on the recreational side, faster evaluation of injury or pain source, reduced treatment duration, and corrective exercises to add to your tool belt for long term success.

Chiropractic and athletes go back many years. Often athletes are looking for anything to improve their game - and keep them playing longer. For years athletes have used chiropractic care to improve their response and recovery to the demands of the season. Most professional athletes have access to - and use - chiropractic care. 72% of golfers in the PGA seek care at tournaments and while on tour. The majority of NBA and NHL teams retain a chiropractor, and every NFL and MLB team has a chiropractor on staff. Chiropractic care has been a major player in many athletes' careers, Barry Bonds is a supporter and expresses his experience often, “I go to my chiropractor on a regular basis, because I want to prolong my career as long as possible. I see him about once a week, in between my training. By getting an adjustment once a week from him, I feel I can sustain my career a lot longer. I think it should be mandatory for athletes to see a chiropractor.” Sports chiropractors have helped Team U.S.A. win more than 750 medals since 1980, including 314 Gold Medals.

If you are interested to learn more about how our team can help you lead yours, give us a call today.

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