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Healthcare vs. Sickcare: They Aren't the Same Thing!

The US consistently spends more on healthcare than any other country in the world, yet are still among the unhealthiest. With a system that focuses primarily on the sick and diseased, what change could be made if we focused on keeping the healthy, healthy?

Traditional healthcare in the US focuses on treating the illness or symptoms, earning the name sick care.

Ideal healthcare would look at not only the symptoms but the direct cause, as well as focusing on keeping the healthy population healthy. This is often referred to as a prevention model. What would this system look like? This system would encompass all efforts to interfere with the disease process.

A focus on prevention does not mean there will be no disease or symptoms, but embraces the idea of extending the disease- free lifespan of each individual. More emphasis on health promotion would be a great start. This would look like education on healthy lifestyle changes such as regular exercise, whole foods, stress management, and coping skills.

So where do you start? To find out more about making the shift from sick care to healthcare, schedule an appointment today.

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